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“Nothing is impossible for those who act after wise counsel and careful thought.”
                                                                                   Thiruvalluvar, Tamil poet and philosopher

Our engineering team has the skills to build even the most complex production system for you. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a solution from the detailed design to the guarantee engineer on site for a one off event or extended operation.

You have a great idea for a production, but the location is a problem. It’s so far away that the travelling time and costs are impractical. Access and parking for a truck is not available or maybe your requirements are not readily served by the outside broadcast market – a multi-camera ultra HD shoot, for example. Or maybe the cost of building a bespoke system for a one-off job far exceeds the budget. We can offer you flexible technology to give you the functionality you need, that can easily be transported to site and is cost effective for your budget.

Ultra HD and VR
What about the new stuff?

Whatever your special project requirements or if you just want to try some new technology, speak to our team to get the most cost-effective solution, backed by our unique quality standards.

In today’s world, where new formats are emerging rapidly, you may want to experiment. You might, for instance, want to shoot a live relay or recording in Ultra HD, in a theatre or opera house where space is at a premium.

You may want to try out VR, perhaps as an add-on to conventional coverage of a sports or music event. With 360˚ cameras, stitching systems and streaming devices in our inventory, you can experiment within existing coverage to check out different production techniques and see what chimes with the audience.

Portable Production Unit

Presteigne’s Portable Production Unit can be swiftly tailored to meet your specific needs. Designed for quick deployment, it’s a production system where an outside broadcast truck can’t go, but up and running just as quick as one but specially built for your production!

Our unique design is housed in waterproof, 16U rack flight cases. A safe, two man carry, it means you can set up where you want to work, not where the freight lift goes. Stackable – so they don’t use a lot of space – with intelligent interconnection between each case making them fast to plug up, you can set it up the way you want it, and of course all the cables are supplied.

Whatever you want to achieve, from simple production on a live event to a complex system with a server on each channel and fast turnaround editing, our guys simply assemble the right modules for your job. That keeps shipping costs down and rigging speed up whilst keeping the quality high.

Industry Standard

Having crew spend precious time (and money) familiarising themselves with the hardware can be downright frustrating! Because we have all the popular kit on our shelves, we can build systems particular to your requirements, configured especially to your needs.

You simply choose the modules you want and we can put the system together in our workshops in the most compact form possible, test and demonstrate its functionality to you, then ship it to site and set it up.

We can also supply a complete operational team, a supervising guarantee engineer, or leave all the crewing to you. As always, our 24/7/365 support is available to help you through any issues, wherever you are in the world.

We deliver answers, not just boxes.
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