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Audio and Communications

Helping you sound as good as you look

Sound. It’s one of the first senses that humans are aware of. It’s what makes an event come to life and you can bet your last penny that an event with bad sound is the first thing that people remember!

Our dedicated audio department is set up to give you technical advice and professional consultation as well as providing your production with anything you need; from a basic loudspeakers and microphones, through to high-end digital mixing consoles and talkback systems!

Today’s technology allows us to hear what we want, when we want it, and the television or movie world is even more demanding! But while all productions need sound recording and communications, every show is different.

Talk to us

Whether you need a single mic or a complete communications system, give us a call and we will put your package together, ready for action. 

When you talk to us, you’ll speak to someone who understands exactly what you need. Our people have been in the studio or out in the field and can help you through the technical complexities of your production.

Our kit

Yes, we have kit from all the popular manufacturers, but you know as well as we do that it’s vital the correct kit is specified for your project.

The combination of our experienced, specialist engineers and an extensive inventory means we have the expertise to put together the most practical and economical solution for your production.

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