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Televisual Q&A with Mike Ransome - IBC 2017


Televisual Q&A with Mike Ransome - IBC 2017

Presteigne Broadcast Hire CEO, Mike Ransome, spoke with Televisual ahead of IBC 2017

What will you be looking out for at IBC?

We will be looking out in particular for the progress in IP technology. It’s clearly what a great many people are talking about, and has obvious and well-documented advantages, but there are also certain limitations at the moment that not as many people are talking about. We’re interested in straight talk about the latest developments in IP that will help inform the investment decisions we make going forward.

What stands will you be heading for?

Long-standing suppliers like SAM, Ross, Sony and many others are always worth a visit. We’re in conversation with our counterparts at each of these companies on a regular basis, but trade shows like IBC are perfect opportunities to dig much deeper into their respective developments to get a clearer idea on what we should be looking at now, and perhaps a year from now.

What manufacturers interest you?

I’m told that Sony, DTC Domo Broadcast, Vislink, Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS) will have some really interesting new products and services on show at IBC. They are companies that we have worked very closely with over the years and I’m keen to get a first-hand look at what they’re bringing to market that can benefit our dry hire customers.

What new products are you keen to get your hands on?

Cameras, lenses, grip, and 4K RF technology is high on our list this year, but of course you need the much closer look – and in-depth discussions – that trade shows provide before you invest

Are there technologies you want to find out more about – HDR, VR etc?

We intend to seek more in-depth information from the experts on HDR, VR, and exactly where IP is heading.

Are there any announcements you’re hoping for at the show?

We’re fully engaged in successfully growing our own business so I can’t say we’re breathlessly waiting on any specific announcements. It’s been quite a while since any single announcement rocked the broadcast world off its axis, so for us it’s full speed ahead, business as usual, unless someone announces a teleportation device.

What will be the main themes at IBC?

These tend to emerge during, rather than prior to, each show. There are excellent conference programs and pre-established themes, but as is often the case, the actual theme doesn’t typically emerge until the feet hit the halls for a couple of days. Originally published in print in Televisual (September 2017)

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