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Presteigne Case Study - Bad Chefs Reality TV Series


Presteigne Case Study - Bad Chefs Reality TV Series

Chaos in the kitchen, calm behind the scenes: How new show, Bad Chefs, turned a complex TV format into a recipe for success.

Bad Chefs, a 10-part ITV2 series, debuted on-demand in September 2022. Produced by Lifted Entertainment and ITV this innovative format (cooking competition meets with 24/7 reality TV) needed a trusted partner to help deliver the equipment, installation and engineering aspects of filming the show. Presteigne were asked to work together with the Lifted Entertainment/ITV team to take the production from inception to reality.

However, as the name suggests, Bad Chefs proved to be a potential recipe for health and safety disaster - a contestant even caused a fire at one point. The set also happened to be in a Grade II listed building, so had specialist installation requirements. Every part of the production behind-the-scenes needed a calm and expert approach.

Graham Claxton, Line Producer, at Lifted Entertainment:

 “As a new show with specific filming challenges, we needed to work with a company who had a wealth of expertise and experience.  Presteigne were collaborative in technically delivering a 24/7 reality set up; providing the equipment, technical staff and knowledge this production required to effectively meet those challenges.”

Read the full Case Study here.

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