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Presteigne Broadcast commits to renewable energy generation and sustainability


Presteigne Broadcast commits to renewable energy generation and sustainability

Presteigne is "putting its money where its mouth is" in terms of sustainability said CEO George Dickson

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Presteigne have completed the first phase of a major renewable energy and sustainability project.

Presteigne’s CEO, George Dickson, says : “This is a move which clearly demonstrates not just a verbal commitment to a Net Zero roadmap, but a genuine, major step forward in reality for the organisation in terms of energy sustainability. When it comes to green energy and sustainability, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.”

Dickson has 20 years’ of previous experience in customer-centric energy solutions, using the latest fuels and storage solutions, and the company was also advised by award winning Dale Power Solutions, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators. The first stage of the planned project involved the installation of commercial solar panels on the roof of Presteigne’s extensive warehouse and office premises in Crawley, West Sussex. These will generate an estimated 44KW of solar energy, which will supply and run around 90%+ of facilities in the warehouse as well as charging the company’s electric car and van fleet.

The second stage of the project in early 2024 will add a further 44KW, this time in order to supply green energy to customers, partner organisations and/or the national grid. Martin Anderson, Chair of Presteigne said: “We’re not only keen to pursue our own net zero pathway, but to help others in the sector or beyond where we can. We’re all on this sustainability journey together”. Mick Bass, Commercial Director, added: “We have always tried to lead the way as an organisation that cares deeply about the future of our sector and our customers, and this is an example of our proven commitment to set an example by investing in the sustainable future of the broadcast industry in the UK and Europe.”

This sustainability initiative is the latest key development at Presteigne, following several years of substantial investment across its portfolio covering video, audio, RF and systems solutions.  They have also in recent years recruited an experienced, industry-respected senior management team who are specialists in their individual areas, and cemented several key international partnerships. Over and above dry hire, dedicated divisions for Projects & Managed Services, Audio & Comms and RF & Specialist Cameras are all now in place, highly regarded and headed by experts in their field.

Other sustainability initiatives have included Presteigne Thermal Mugs replacing single use coffee cups -  with 50p off bought coffee from the local coffee van as well if staff take these with them. Waste paper bins throughout the premises have been replaced by recycling points, all lights in the premises (previously fluorescent tubes in many parts) have been replaced with LED including timers and motion sensors to avoid lights being on when no-one is around, all heating systems have been reprogrammed for maximum energy efficiency and servers have been moved offsite to avoid the need for aircon.

As Dianne France, HR & Business Affairs Advisor says: “After a root and branch sustainability audit, this initiative is not about saving money; for both the company and the staff, it is just one of the steps we are taking to reduce our waste and our carbon footprint.  This is alongside the installation of the solar panels, the replacement of diesel vans for electric, and the monitoring of our energy usage to minimise waste.”

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