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Cinedeck Licenses

PLEASE NOTE: You will be directed to the cinedeck website to complete your purchase.

  • This purchase is for a cineXtools license that is delivered directly to an iLok account.
  • System Requirements are summarized on the FAQ page under "WHAT ARE THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.
  • cineXtools can be installed on multiple computers. Each active installation requires a unique iLok license key.
  • Licenses can be installed directly on the machine or on a iLok USB key.
  • Licenses are valid for both Windows and Mac installations.

Please contact us for licenses longer than 1 month via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or CALL us on 01293 651300.

Avid/Adobe plugin AVC-I/XAVC : Avid/Adobe plugin
AVC-I/XAVC Monthly Subscription
$39.00 /month


Avid/Adobe plugin Closed Captions : Closed Captions Insert Plugin (Avid/Adobe) Monthly Subscription
$39.00 /month



Adobe plugin DNxHD/DNxHR : DNxHD/DNxHR
insert plugin (Avid/Adobe) Monthly Subscription
$39.00 /month



Avid/Adobe plugin XDCAM/IMX : XDCAM/IMX
insert plugin (Avid/Adobe) Montly Subscription
$39.00 /month


Avid/Adobe plugin ProRes : Avid/Adobe
plugin ProRes Monthly Subscription
$39.00 /month


cineXtools Everything Bundle : Everything
Bundle 1 Week Plan
$395.00 for the 1st week


cineXtools Everything Bundle : Everything
Bundle 1 Month Plan
$995.00 for the 1st month


cineXtools Everything Bundle : Everything
Bundle 1 Day Plan
$99.00 for the 1st day