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EVS XT[3] 8 Channel HD/SD Hard Disk Recorder (GIGE + 12 x 900 Gb)

Product ID: SK44129711

Product Overview

The EVS XT[3] has up to 8 HD/SD video channels available as HD/SD or SD with "HD Ready", optionally full 3D/1080p support (3G/Dual link) max 6 channels, or 3 UHDTV-4K channels. Features include super motion support (double, triple and quad speed) in SD HD and Full 3D. System includes a built in down converter, with broadcast quality for each HD video channel (input & output) and up to 96 uncompressed audio tracks at 20 or 24 bits 48KHz. and a multiviewer for up to 8 channels.

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