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We will Trust each other and Respect our differences
- I will recognise that everyone is different and value that difference
- I believe you will complete any task to the best of your ability
- I trust your motives even if we differ about how to do it
- I will always value your opinion and contribution
- I believe that I must earn the trust of others
- I will respect everyone – who they are and what they do
- I will trust and champion the company values


We will take Ownership and deliver our Promises
- I will always take ownership and be consistent in all aspects of my work
- I will always fulfil my promises to our clients
- I believe all communication must be correct and precise
- I believe I have a wider responsibility to help others
- I will always be accountable for the outcome of my actions
- I believe by performing my duties the company will be better as a result
- I will act where I see I can help
- I will own and deliver the company values


Teamwork is the key to our success
- I believe that working well with my colleagues delivers positive energy
- I believe that we are all one Presteigne
- I will value every team members contribution
- I believe that working together reduces everyone’s stress levels
- I believe that working together in a positive way can create fulfilment
- I believe that teamwork is central to business success
- I will support other work colleagues to reach their goals
- I believe that teamwork will help colleagues progress
- Teamwork is not just my department its everyone working together


We believe in Innovation and Challenge ourselves
- I will always challenge myself to be better
- I will challenge others when they are not upholding the values
- I will challenge processes that hold back the business
- I will be open minded to new ideas
- I will look for new ways to solve the problems we encounter
- I will apply creativity where necessary to resolve issues


By Understanding and Nurturing each other we will deliver success
- I believe your role is as valuable as mine
- I will take time to understand your point of view
- When I get it wrong, I will acknowledge that and learn from it
- I know you are as busy as me – how can we do this together
- I will nurture my relationships with my colleagues and our clients
- I will help my colleagues to grow and reach their full potential
- I will continuously strive to develop myself


Passion is in our DNA
- I believe that being passionate is inspiring if coupled with positivity
- I will use my positive passion to inspire my fellow colleagues
- I will always encourage my colleagues to be passionate about their work
- I will focus my energies in a positive way
- I will use my positivity to energise others
- I believe being positively motivated will produce a better outcome